The Writing Life Series

Discover practical tools for honing your craft and unlocking your creative power.

Finding Your Sense of Place

Find Your Sense of Place. Use setting and description to bring your characters to life and increase the emotional impact of your stories.

Discover why the descriptions that seem to get in the way of your stories are actually the most powerful tools you have to bring characters to life and make readers care about their stories. Finding Your Sense of Place shares insights and techniques to help you:

  • Understand how different characters see the same places differently——even if they walk side by side
  • Craft descriptions that help readers connect with your characters on a deeper level
  • Make room for descriptive passages that won’t bog your story down
  • Select the most powerful scene-enhancing metaphors
  • Research your story’s setting—whether your story is set close to home or far away, in the present day or a thousand years ago
  • Choose the descriptive details that best convey that setting to readers

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Doing What You Love

Write More and Worry Less! Move your writing and your passion from the edges to the center of your life as you discover:

  • Why writing isn’t all about “talent”
  • The value of taking creative risks
  • How to embrace imperfection
  • Ways to manage doubts and put setbacks in perspective
  • Reasons to let your fear——and your joy——take the lead
  • The myth of that one big break
  • How to choose which advice to listen to——and which to discard
  • The power of writing without apologies
  • Why following your creative passion may be the most practical thing you can do

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