Real Writer Certificate

Have you been waiting for that moment when you would finally, officially, be a “real” writer?

For years and years, I was, too. First I thought I’d be a real writer once I sold my first short story. Then I thought I’d be real once that story was in print. Then once a second story sold, or maybe once I had a novel out … but while these things were all wonderful, none of them made me feel any more real than when I started. It was as if I was waiting for some sort of formal notification from the powers that be, or for my “real writer” certificate to arrive in the mail.

But it never did. So finally I took matters into my own hands:

The Official Real Writer Certificate

Presented so that you, too, can stop waiting for your validation to arrive in the mail and get on with the business of writing. There’s only one requirement for printing out a copy: that you first say aloud, “I am a real writer.”

I find it looks particularly nice on yellow parchment paper, and that a gold seal and a frame are both nice touches.