Educational Materials

Mystery stories for adult language classes

I wrote and edited these mystery stories based on the grammar and concepts being covered in their courses. The program manager then translated them into Spanish and added language lessons based on them.

For the Art of Language program

  • Level 1: Black Diamond (original story)

For Extended University’s Accelerated Language program

  • Level 1: The Treasure of Mérida (editing and rewriting existing story)
  • Level 2: Luis and Lucinda (editing and rewriting existing story)
  • Level 3: Lost at Sea (original story)

Program and Course Descriptions

I’ve written program and course descriptions for many clients, including:

  • Pima Community College
  • The Association for Media-Based Continuing Education for Engineers
  • The University of Arizona Optical Sciences Center
  • The University of Arizona Summer Session 
  • The University of Arizona Correspondence Program
  • The University of Arizona Extended University
  • Washington University in St. Louis