Reviews: Faerie Winter

“““An incredible sequel to one of my very favorite books.”” ——Aprilynne Pike, New York Times bestselling author of Wings 

“Faerie Winter is a beautifully crafted tale, peopled with believable characters and overflowing with dramatic plot twists. But perhaps the most exceptional quality is the vivid imagery that plunges readers into the story and keeps them enchanted throughout. Fans of both fantasy and dystopian fiction will devour this one.” —School Library Journal

“Simner’s reimagining of the aftermath of a fantasy war continues to enchant as effectively as any glamour.” —Locus

“Simner tells a more streamlined story this time around and keeps up the dark atmospherics of her high-appeal blend of unsettling speculative-fiction scenarios.” —Booklist

“Fans of dark Faerie stories will find this appealing. Liza is a strong female protagonist, and her story provides not only suspense in terms of the survival of the earth and humans, but also looks at different mother-daughter relationships, the power of promises, and the strength of love.” –VOYA

Faerie Winter is chilling, smartly written, and full of magic and lore.” —-San Francisco Book Review

“Simner’s writing has the solemnity and power of poetry, with the clear directness of the simplest prose … eventually Liza has to learn not only to bear the responsibilities for her own actions, but not to judge others too harshly for theirs.” —

“There’s such a subtlety in her writing and an effortlessness in the way everything is weaved together that you sink in and simply become immersed in it.” —The Fringe Magazine

“Yet again I fell head over heels for Liza and her world and had devoured the book before I knew what hit me. Liza has grown and so has the malice. The ‘Lady’ will gracefully, and with great evil, shatter any misconceptions about Fae/Human relations you may still cling to, and smile all the while.” —Burn Bright

“The world Janni created worked its way into my mind and heart … Her writing is beautiful. She creates characters that are believable and true … and she knows how to write a strong female character.” —Eve’s Fan Garden

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