On proper unicorn role models

So, like any reasonably well-informed person, I’ve been keeping an eye on the unicorns vs. zombies debate, and I’ve come to understand how it is that so many people can be sadly misguided against unicorns.

Sadly, they’re suffering from the effects of a lack of proper unicorn role models.

It’s understandable. Unlike zombies, who are all mostly the same (some decaying faster than others, sure, but all in all), there’s a huge range of variation among unicorns, which is what happens when, you know, you have a brain of your own instead of having to eat the brains of others. So if your only unicorn role model was, say, this —

[A bad unicorn role model]

— (or, worse, this), you might be under the mistaken impression that unicorns are all about the frolicking and the glitter. Now, I like glitter as much as the next person, but still, a far better role model might be this unicorn —

[A better unicorn role model]

— bravely fighting to the last at the Cloisters.

My favorite fictional unicorn, though, is probably Gaudior from A Swiftly Tilting Planet–aligned with the powers of good, fighting to save the world, but also not someone you mess with. Besides which, he can fly! (That would, umm, be where the glitter comes in.)

Who are your unicorn role models?

Score one for the zombies

So, I know I’ve been arguing that when it comes to the matter of unicorns vs. zombies, unicorns totally rule.

I still hold with that, and my inner unicorn girl still has free reign. But I just listened to buymeaclue‘s “Everything is Better With Zombies” on Pseudopod, and I have to say, it makes one of the better cases I’ve read for the zombie point of view. It is also, like all the best fantasy (if it is fantasy), more about being human than about being fantastical.

There’s also a text version online.