Five things I loved about Frozen

That is, Disney’s (loose) retelling of The Snow Queen:

– It passed the Bechdel test within the first five minutes–in the opening post-credits song
– It replaced the traditional wedding scene with a coronation scene–one where a female character doesn’t need to get married to claim power
– The acknowledgement that first love isn’t always true love
– The acknowledgement that there’s more than one kind of world-altering love in the first place
– The fate of the world hinging on the relationship between two women–two sisters

The dynamics of magic and power and how to work with (and fail to work with) and control them were fascinating, too, and played interestingly to some of my own fictional concerns, so I loved that as well.

Ursula Vernon has more spoilery thoughts about Frozen here, to do with the dynamics of women and magic and the keeping of power that also resonate strongly for me.

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