Writing for the Long Haul series resumes Monday

I’ve been quiet online the past few weeks, turning one project in to my agent and starting some others, taking time out for a concert and a con and a week-long writing retreat.

But I’m thrilled to say that a new round of weekly Writing for the Long Haul posts begins this Monday. One of the things reading the posts already in hand tells me is that there’s still so much to say about the challenges and joys of long-term writing journeys.

I hope you enjoy the new posts as much as I have!

In the meantime, now’s the perfect time to catch up on the first round of Long Haul posts:

Sharon Shinn on managing time
Marge Pellegrino on feeding the restless yearning to write
Sarah Zettel on embracing ignorance and writing your passions
Uma Krishnaswami on honoring unreasonable exuberance
Jennifer J. Stewart on finding community and support
Sherwood Smith on keeping inspiration alive
Mette Ivie Harrison on defining success
Jeffrey J. Mariotte on why we write
Judith Tarr on reinventing ourselves
Kathi Appelt on the power of story
Cynthia Leitich Smith on balancing business and creativity

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