Just another helpful letter to the Internet

Dear Internet,

No, no, no. I just wanted to look at pictures of baby ravens. I didn’t want to buy one.

Not everything of value needs to be available for my personal purchase and ownership. You and your peeps might consider that sometime.


P.S. Also, am beginning to suspect there’s no search term on this earth that won’t make you toss up a link to a Naruto fanfic. But hey, we all have our quirks.

2 thoughts on “Just another helpful letter to the Internet”

  1. I usually skip Google and go straight to Deviant Art.

    For such beautiful animals, they sure do start out as awkward babies. Little beaks with feet.

    I have a good friend in Tucson, Az who has a raven. But she’s also a University researcher with a Phd. doing some pretty groundbreaking research on corvids. I hear stories of people buying them for pets and not knowing what they’re getting into and being unable to care for them and that makes me sad.

    Found some pictures for you though, if you’re still looking:

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