If you leave your assigned universes one more time I’m turning this car around

Dear Short Story Protagonist,

This story does not have enough space or scope for you to have a best friend.

I’m sorry! I really am. I should have seen it sooner, but, well, that’s what happens when I get distracted and don’t write short fiction for a while.

The next short story protagonist will have an easier time of it. I’m pretty sure.


P.S. No, no time for that leisurely horseback ride either. But hey! Endangered animal life is a space-efficient world-building tool, so win-win, right?

Dear Secondary Almost-Finished Novel Character,

The way you’re standing there, tapping your foot and flapping your wings impatiently as you glare at said protagonist?

Not Helping.


P.S. But hey! Endangered animal life. So it’s not like you can go over there and do anything about it.

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