Tarantula update 2

Today we fed our visiting tarantula her second cricket of the summer.

Unlike the last time we did this, the pet store actually did charge me for buying a single (large) cricket. But hey, with my PetCo card, the 17 cent cricket was discounted to a mere 15 cents. Which is clearly the sort of thing I got the card for, right?

Anyway, this cricket was considerably livelier than the last. After entertaining brief thoughts of buying it its own cage in which to live out its cricket life, I put it into the tarantula enclosure.

At which point it crawled directly under the tarantula, showing that livelier crickets are not always smarter crickets. Said tarantula, who was about as interested in this cricket as in the last one when it first appeared, let it crawl on to a hiding space under her bit of bark.

15 minutes later the cricket was still there. An hour later I can’t find it, but with all he twiggy bits in the cage, I don’t want to draw conclusions too soon.

But it is the rainy season now, and the tarantula does seem more active, as her fellow tarantulas in the wild also are around now. (Active = we actually see them.) So there’s that.

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