Spoilers for Zombies, Run ahead

Specifically, spoilers for Zombies, Run, season 2, mission 13. Highlight to read.

Dear Zombies, Run Writers,

Don’t you dare kill Archie. Don’t you dare rewire Archie. Don’t you dare do anything but return Archie to us completely and absolutely unharmed.

That thing you did with Chris McShell season 1 was bad enough, and I barely knew him.

I don’t know who sent you that memo the writers of all my favorite books seem to get, the one that says it’s all right to kill the characters I like best first and get to the others later, but that memo is no longer in force.

Really, it isn’t.

Just take my word for it, okay?


3 thoughts on “Spoilers for Zombies, Run ahead”

  1. *agonized wail* Of course, they made sure I didn’t think of Archie as a slightly silly one-dimensional character before that happened. And (as of mission 26) I still haven’t given up hope. I shall go into battle against the zoms yelling her name.

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