Found weather

Gusty swath,
Basking all the way.

Tropical Storm Andrea Makes Landfall in Florida

Clouds roll in,
Lightning strikes–
Take another route.
You can’t tell how deep
The water is.
Go slowly,
Be smart:
A mistake could cost you.

Monsoon Safety: How to Avoid Becoming a Stupid Motorist

Dusk settled over
Black forest meadows.
Choked fear:
The flames would get too close.
We plan for this,
We train for it–
We never had to do this.
Sagebrush burning,
Smoke hovering,
Lightning strike.
Let the blaze run
Its uneasy ritual.

A wall of fire bore down–
Our house is gone–
But we’re all safe.

Colorado Residents Flee Wildfires Spreading Across Rockies

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