“I am but a weaver, yet my power may be of some use here”

Over at Eve’s Fan Garden I talk about how writing post-apocalyptic has changed how I look at our not-so-apocalyptic world:

“I continue to see afterimages of post-apocalyptic magic lying ghostlike over our non-magical world even now I’m through writing the trilogy. When a desert prickly pear jabs me and draws blood, I think of magic-infused mulberry trees attacking my characters. When I chop vegetables, I imagine trying to grow food in a world where corn fights being harvested, leaving bruises on those who try. When I hear a great horned owl, I remember a world where owls carry magical poison in their talons, using it to bring humans down.”

Eve’s Fan Garden wraps up Faerie After’s time as Book of the Week by giving away a copy. If you don’t have one yet, there’s still time to enter. Many thanks to Georgia and everyone at Eve’s Fan Garden for inviting me to be there!

In case you missed it last week, check out the book trailer for Faerie After:

Many thanks to VLC Productions for designing the trailer and to Bookalicious, Tales of the Ravenous Reader, The Night Owl Post, Magnet 4 Books, and Tea for Three for being part of the trailer reveal!

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