“It’s only a whisper, but there’s something in there. Something that has to do with my magic.”

Today is the official release day for Faerie After, the final book of the Bones of Faerie trilogy. Liza has been with me for years, ever since the voice of story whispered softly, “I had a sister once …” back before I’d even made my way to Tucson. I love these books, and I’ve learned from them, and writing them has been a journey for me as much as for my protagonist.

Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of her journey and mine, whether from the start or whether you’re just discovering the trilogy now. It’s strange to be letting Liza go, but wonderful to be letting her go into all your hands.

Here’s a trailer for Faerie After, with many thanks to VLC Productions. Please do share it.

I hope you enjoy the final stretch of Liza’s journey.

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