Two hauntings: Absent / Plague in the Mirror (ARC giveaway)

So if you’re here, you probably at least know about the Bones of Faerie trilogy. But maybe you have friends who don’t. So point them towards this goodreads giveaway of the first book in the trilogy.

Meanwhile, for the rest of you, I’m giving away ARCs of a couple books I loved that you maybe haven’t heard of, because they’re not out yet. They’re both about hauntings, of very different sorts, and have stayed with me in different ways.


plagueIn Deborah Noyes’ Plague in the Mirror, May is haunted by Cristofana, a ghostly double from plague-era Florence who’s determined to convince May to change places with her. While on the surface this would seem a clear thanks-but-no-thanks offer, the past is seductive, Cristofana is determined, and the present has problems of its own.

This is a dark, lush, moody book that I loved enough to blurb: “Dreamy and gorgeous and dark. I couldn’t pull away from this tale of seduction–not by a lover, but by a dark past and a darker reflection of the storyteller’s own self.”

absentIn Katie Williams’ Absent, protagonist Paige is the ghost, victim of a fall from the roof during physics class, haunting her high school along with two other students: Brooke, who died of an overdose a few months before Paige; and Evan who died decades before, but who like the others can’t seem to leave the spot of his death.

Many of Paige’s friends/enemies are convinced she jumped off that roof on purpose, but Paige … remembers things differently. Then Paige realizes she can possess living people when they think of her, and thinks maybe she has a chance to set the record straight.


To be entered into a giveaway for Plague in the Mirror or Absent, just comment (on the wordpress version of this post) and let me know whether you’re interested in just one of the books or either of them. Closes March 20 at 5 p.m. mountain standard time.

9 thoughts on “Two hauntings: Absent / Plague in the Mirror (ARC giveaway)”

  1. I’d be interested in either . . . will be hard to decide which to read first when I buy them.

  2. These both sound great! Also, I loved all the faerie books and Thief Eyes. Count me in for the contest.

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