Scattered odds and ends

There’s a stiff cool (by local standards) wind blowing across the valley today. It feels very much like autumn is shouldering its way in to the desert.


Today I stumbled upon this reminder that arctic foxes are not always the hero the story.

Or as Freki says in Thief Eyes:

Whispers of vengeance and battle gave way to whispers of bad weather and lost grazing, of failing crops and starving livestock.

I have committed no crime. A charm to keep foxes from lambs, nothing more!

Freki sniffed disdainfully. “There is no charm that can keep a fox from a lamb.”

So they remain the heroes of their own stories, perhaps.


Addressed a few last-minute page proof questions for Faerie After today. Certain passages still make me cry a little. That is all.


The raven book still doesn’t have a title (Raven River? Raven Remembering? Ravens and Some Other Things Too?) but, titled or untitled, is due the end of this month. So I’ll be pretty head-down among the shapeshifters the next few weeks.

None of whom, oddly, seem to be arctic foxes.

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