Conversation at a local Arizona business

Me: “Can I ask why you’ve chosen not to wear a mask today?”

Her: “…”

Me: “I mean, I know it’s not required. But can I ask why you’re not wearing one to protect your customers anyway?”

Her: “Well, umm, the mandate’s been lifted.”

Me: “Sure. But you could still wear a mask if you wanted to. No one’s stopping you. And you’d be helping protect your customers, some of whom might be medically vulnerable.”

Her: “Well, it’s a choice.”

Me: “Sure. But why are you making that choice, if it puts people at risk?”

Her: “…”

She seems to honestly not understand what I’m saying, or maybe I’m not explaining it well—that I know she has a choice but I’m wondering about the wider consequences of that choice, and why/whether she accepts those consequences.

Me: “Are you at least vaccinated?”

Her: “You’re not allowed to ask me that.”

Me: “Sure I am. You don’t have to answer, but I’m allowed to ask. Are you vaccinated?”

Her: “I’m not allowed to answer that.”

This is not true. Businesses can ask for this information, but even if they couldn’t, I’m an individual, not a business. I can ask whatever I want, and the person I’m talking to can choose for themselves whether or not to answer me.

Me: “So you’re unmasked and unvaccinated?”

Her: “…”

Me: “Does it bother you that you’re putting the public at risk and could potentially be spreading Covid to others?”

Her, turning away: “You have a nice day.”

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