“She’s found a common balance/ where you do your work / and you do your love”

Dear Fourth Draft of the Current Book,

You and I, we have drunk so much iced tea together this month.

And yet we have so much iced tea yet to drink.



It’s that part of the book.

When things are finally, hopefully clicking together. Where so much of me is in the story, and so middle of me is left in me, that I’m at once madly driven to keep writing and possessed with a wild desire to take off for an undisclosed location to just stare at the walls or at some wilderness sky for a week. (Fortunately, this book has wilderness sky of its own. Not that same, but still.)

Either way, the book needs to be finished, both for external deadline purposes and internal I’m-so-close-I-can-taste-it purposes. So I keep writing, and as I do the world within the book begins to feel a little more real than the world outside of it.

If I seem a bit scattered and not-consistently-present-online through the month of September, this would pretty much be why. 🙂

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