Josepha Sherman

Not new news anymore, but just news sad enough I’ve not gotten to posting until now: rest in peace, Jo Sherman.

I can’t claim to have known Jo well, but I knew her from pretty much the beginning of my online days. I remember her as irreverent and always laughing, online and off, and also as being just such a comfortable person to be around, especially as a shy and awkward new writer. Indeed, if I was at a con and in the middle of a bout of awkwardness or shyness or just plain old tiredness or grumpiness, within a few minutes of running into Jo I’d be laughing instead, awkwardness forgotten.

I have fond memories, too, of late night slush readings; and enthusiastic renditions of “Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts,” a song she managed to base an entire book of folklore around; and of chants of “GEnie, GEnie,” one of the old social networks where the SF/fantasy community first found its online presence.

As I began writing for kids more and going to east coast/midwestern cons less, I fell out of touch, online and off.

Her presence in this world will be missed. May her memory be a blessing.

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