“Every time you love just a little … it echoes all over the world”

What would happen if every one of us had one and only one soulmate, whom we would automatically know the moment our eyes met? The world would be a much lonelier place.

“You are my daughter.” Yet again, Darths and Droids gives a scene that should have happened, if only Star Wars episodes 4-6 had been written with an awareness of episodes 1-3. Heck, those guys are still trying to get the Peace Moon plans back to Senator Binks on Naboo, too.

On the buying and selling of reviews. The phrase, “These were marketing reviews, not editorial reviews,” says so much about what’s wrong with … so much.

Justine Larbalestier on dealing with (real) reviews: “You publish books, you get bad reviews. If you don’t want bad reviews don’t write books.” Yes. That.

And another bit of perspective from M.J. Rose: : “While a presence on social media outlets can be valuable it can’t–except in unusual cases–take the place of strong publisher support. And even more important, it can very seriously interfere with nourishing our creative souls.”

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