Tuesday afternoon linky, Star Wars edition

Now that you mention it, the idea of moisture farming is pretty suspect. Why did I never realize this?

XKCD’s new “what if?” feature looks at just how much force power Yoda can output. With numbers. Awesome.

Also from XKCD, what would happen if you gathered a mole of moles? Come on, you know you’ve always wondered.

Video of flood waters in the vicinity of this summer’s New Mexico wildfires.

Perfume that smells like a fresh-printed book. My amateur bookbinder reaction is, “But I already own a bottle of book glue.” (Via lnhammer.)

Olympic athletes versus wild animals. Though the races seem a bit rigged, if you ask me. I mean, if you put Michael Phelps up against the migratory birds, the results would be very different. Also, I count a gymnastics loss for the hummingbird there.

Another olympic-qualifying female athlete is given a hard time for not being rail-thin. Apparently we just can’t get our brains around the idea that “skinny” and “fit / healthy” are not absolute synonyms.

Writer Beware guest post in praise of ripening. Or, why publishing faster is not always better.

When Tolkien meets … well, just click. Again, why did I never realize?

Sometimes a story requires detailed explanations. Other times it requires the author at least know the detailed explanations. But still other times, you just need to play the story game well enough to say with conviction, “He’s the goddamned Batman, that’s how.” This is, of course, harder than it sounds. (From Swan Tower).

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