Welcome to Bordertown ARC tour

I have a copy of Welcome to Bordertown, begged off of the lovely folks at Random House when I visited this winter. I’m unwilling to part with it entirely because my name is on the cover for various sentimental reasons, but I also feel like the whole point of ARCs is to spread the love and the word about a book. So I’ve come up with something else instead.

If you’d like to borrow Welcome to Bordertown, and you’re willing to commit to both reading it in about a week and to them talking about it somewhere online, leave a comment below. I’ll mail you my copy, and then when you’re done, you’ll mail it back to me, and I’ll send it on to the next person on the list. (ETA: And will keep doing so until the book itself goes on sale at the end of May, however many people that turns out to be, and at that point see whether it’s still in good enough shape to keep sending around.)

What do you think? Anyone interested in an early read?

(Hey, Kirkus and Bookslut both liked it!)

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