Faerie Winter micro-giveaway

ARCs of Faerie Winter landed in my mailbox today, resulting in much grinning, stroking of cover art, and carrying about of the almost-book. (You all know that if you let an ARC out of your sight within the first 48 hours the book will cease to exist anywhere but in your own head, right?)

I don’t have enough advance copies to send one to everyone (though I may have enough to send one to someone–more on that later), but what I can do is offer each of you … your own sentence. 🙂

I did this when ARCs arrived for Thief Eyes, and it was a lot of fun, so I thought I’d try it again. Here’s how it works:

Post a comment with a page number from 3-240 and a line number from 1-26, and I’ll respond with one sentence–your own personal sentence–from Faerie Winter that begins on or ends on or otherwise crosses that line.

(If the page doesn’t have that line, I’ll roll over to the next page. I’ve excluded the last chapter and a half for major spoilers, but of course there could be minor spoilers earlier, too.)


Ends Monday, October 25 (midnight, mountain standard time). Now closed. Thanks so much for joining in!

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