ARCs, plus a micro-giveaway

Look what arrived in the mail today! The ARC for Thief Eyes, which is now only a little more than three months from publication:

Thief Eyes ARC

So, I thought about doing a giveaway on my blog, but since I essentially only one copy to give away (seeing as I need the other to wave in the face of anyone who makes the mistake of standing still for too long promote the book), that would mean only one person would get to read it.

So then I had a better idea–instead of giving one of you an advance copy of the whole book, I could give each of you a teeny tiny piece of the book.

Specifically, everyone who asks can have their very own … sentence. 🙂

Here’s how it works: post a comment with a page number from 1-230, and a line number from 1-26, and I’ll respond with one sentence that begins on or ends on or otherwise crosses that line.

(If the page doesn’t have that line, I’ll roll over to the next page. I’ve excluded the last 26 pages for extreme spoilers, but of course there could be minor spoilers in the lines before then, too.)

I figure either this will be tremendous fun, or the dorkiest thing ever. Only one way to find out.


ETA: Ends Midnight Friday, January 22 Sunday, January 24, Mountain Standard Time.

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