Faerie Winter playlist

What I’m listening to as I move into the home stretch of the current draft.


Faerie Winter playlist:

“This is Mine,” Lucy Kaplansky
“I am here/And this is mine.”

“This One’s Gonna Bruise,” Beth Orton
“What a thing to choose/This one’s gonna bruise.”

“Four Walls,” Charlotte Martin
“… you’re gonna get down on your knees/And grow accustomed to the darkness/And see what you’re supposed to see.”

“February,” Dar Williams
“… and you said, that’s a crocus/And I said, what’s a crocus?/And you said, it’s a flower/I tried to remember, but I said, what’s a flower?”

“Cold As It Gets,” Patty Griffin
“… the one who laid all of our beauty to waste/Threw our hope into hell and our children to the fire …”

“The Hard Way,” Mary Chapin Carpenter
“You know we got this far, darling, not by luck, but by never turning back … Everything we got, we got the hard way.”

“The Consequences of Falling,” K.D. Lang
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?/Does your pulse quicken like mine? … If I’m alone in this I don’t think I can face/The consequences of falling.”

“Fast As I Can,” Cheryl Bliss
” And these shadows are knives/They push me back home …”

“Little Wings,” Kris Delmhorst
“I’ll never be one more little songbird you can try to keep inside your cage/You’re never gonna tell me where to fly/You’re never gonna tell me what to sing.”

“Icicles,” Patty Griffin
“Shadows will pass/Smoke, it will clear/If something survives of us around here.”

“Hunter,” Dido
“I want to be a hunter again …”

“Shine,” Vienna Teng
“Shine with all the untold/Hold the light given unto you/Find the love to unfold/In this broken world we choose.”


I won’t be done when I finish this pass. But I’m hopeful that I will, at last, be telling the right story. (1st draft=wrong story. 2nd draft=sorta-right story. 3rd draft=right story. 4th draft=readable story. 5th draft=polished story.)

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