Bookshelf culling

After more than two decades of accumulating books, it’s become clear that we’re at the point of needing to own fewer books or own a bigger house.

No, we’re not moving. 🙂

But it’s actually fascinating just how many books one can cull, when one decides that okay, this time we mean it, and if something really isn’t likely to be read or at least referred to again … or even read a first time, in some cases … we can let it go. Much as we adore books, we don’t need to keep our entire reading history with us forever and ever.

We’re still keeping far more than we’re culling, and our house is still filled with books more than anything else, but even so, we’ve filled 22 grocery-store paper bags–so far, because we’re not done yet–8 of which we’ve sold to our local used bookstore (where we now have enough used bookstore credit to last … some time). Some books were pulled for donating from the start; others will be donated if they don’t sell; a very few, sadly (mostly old software manuals) had to go straight to the recycle bin.

It is, in it’s way, satisfying to see bookshelf and wall space open up. So far, I think we’ve cleared at least the space of one double-stacked two meter bookcase. We’re hoping to manage another.

We’re still not likely to run out of things to read around here any time soon.

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