Friday afternoon linky

You chose wrong. Required reading for anyone with fond memories of Choose Your Own Adventure books.

“Trumpet Vine Love Song,” a poem by asakiyume.

I’m amused to admit, until a few days ago, I really did think YOLO stood for You Obviously Love Owls. Because it should.

When hyphen boy meets hyphen girl, the names pile up. Because unlike some countries, the U.S. still hasn’t come up with a good system for passing on both male and female surnames.

On the fat shaming of Kate Upton: “I’m finding it harder and harder in my daily life to come across a woman who doesn’t exhibit some form of disordered behavior around food, exercise, or body image. What constitutes a ‘disorder’ if the majority of the population engages in it?”

A transgendered researcher’s take on the gender gap in science: “As the applause died down, a friend later told him, one scientist turned to another and remarked what a great seminar it had been, adding, ‘Ben Barres’s work is much better than his sister’s.’ There was only one problem. Prof. Barres, then as now a professor of neurobiology at Stanford University, doesn’t have a sister in science. The Barbara Barres the man remembered was Ben.”

From the same article, and relevant to other fields as well: “Almost without exception, the talented women I have known have believed they had less ability than they actually had,” Prof. Petsko wrote. “And almost without exception, the talented men I have known believed they had more.” (This latter, I have met among writers as well, perhaps with a few more exceptions, but still pretty widely. Male writers tend toward overconfidence, bragging too soon about work that isn’t ready yet; female writers tend toward underconfidence, apologizing for the work even when there actually is external validation.)

And finally, some Puma concolor love for your weekend. Do not try this at home:

Disconcerting how not-unlike our older housecat’s behavior with us this is, actually.

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