“I will ride / I will fly / Chase the wind and touch the sky.”

Dear Protagonist,

I really admire how you’ve analyzed your situation and what you perceive as your current challenges, taken a deep breath, and resolved that you have the inner resources to cope. Just.

But. Well. I’ve been wondering. Purely out of concern for your well-being.

What are you going to do when it turns out your challenges are actually … bigger than that?

No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. I’m know you’ll think of something.



Dear Protagonist,

You’re allowed to do one stupid thing per book. Only one.

(eyes manuscript)

Yup. That would be it.

Time to get smart.



Dear Antagonist,

You’ve crossed the line. Seriously, you have, and we both know it.

Earning reader sympathy now is going to be … a challenge.

No, I don’t suppose you are afraid of challenges. None of this would have happened, if you were.


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