“We love the things we love for what they are”

I’m a guest blogger over at Cynsations today, talking about Love, Perfection, and Books: “… once we reach a certain basic level of craft, writing is no longer about avoiding mistakes or carefully not doing anything wrong. It’s about the things we do right. No one ever loved a book, after all, simply for not making any mistakes … We love books for what they do, not for what they manage not to do.”

And this is true, as so many writing things are, for other things, too.



Reviews of Bones of Faerie from Read for Your Future, Bookish, and Christiana’s Amazing Blog.

Static Multimedia interview with me and several other Phoenix Comicon attendees, including fellow YA writer Aprilynne Pike.

And an article from the Phoenix Examiner about the social media panel I was on.

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