“Whenever I’m with you darling / love is a monsoon”

So halfway through the movie, I thought I smelled a familiar wet-dust (really wet creosote) petrichor coming through on the theater’s AC. A before-rain smell, and we had seen a few pillared clouds on the way in, but they were relatively small, and the humidity was just beginning to rise these past few days, and we weren’t anywhere near tired of the heat yet. Surely it was too soon.

But no, as the theater staff came in afterwards to sweep up, they said there’d been heavy rain. The wind was still blowing, the sky still sprinkling, as we came outside, and the air temperature had dropped its usual post-monsoon 20-degrees.

And not the ground is damp, the sky gray, and occasional rumbles can be heard, occasionally bolts of light seen, in the distance.

I guess it really is monsoon season, after all,

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