Wednesday morning linky, now with arctic foxes

Via countless friends, Neil Gaiman on making good art and glorious mistakes: “The moment that you feel that just possibly you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself, that’s the moment that you may be starting to get it right.”

Anne Lamont on becoming the person you were meant to be: “You have to make mistakes to find out who you aren’t. You take the action, and the insight follows …” (I’m with her on almost everything but being too old to help friends move. But that just means my “no”s are different from hers. Via stephanieburgis.)

Craig Childs on being a forever-newcomer in a small town.

Our homes may hold more species than we know. (And not in the refrigerator-mold sort of way you may be thinking.)

NIRCam flight module engraved Go Girl Scouts. Awesome.

Even more awesome: J.C. Penny features same-sex couple in one of their Father’s Day ads.

From XKCD: “It’s weird how proud people are of not learning math. Yes. (Including, as always, the alt text.)

Also from XKCD: Not all magic shoes are created equal.

From Zooborns: Jaguar cubs at the San Diego Zoo. (via lnhammer. But you knew that, right?)

Also from Zooborns: Newborn arctic foxes don’t even have enough gorm to look gormless. (via same.)

John Scalzi explains straight white male privilege as akin to playing a roleplaying game on the easiest setting. (If you prefer not to skip comments, you can still read his responses to the most frequent objections raised in same.)

Michelle Sagara on ASD and kindness and the Big Idea behind her new YA, Silence.

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