“Away you will go sailing / in a race among the ruins / if you plan to face tomorrow / do it soon”

Faerie After first pass pages (aka page proofs, aka, typeset copy) printed and set out in front of me.
– Red pen in hand. (Also a green one and a purple one, both of which, sadly, turn out to have dried up.)
– File of copyedited manuscript up on screen
– Quia leaf pendant around neck

One final time into the breach with Liza (a small breach, a breach concerned with typos and commas and verb tenses), and then it really will be time to set the manuscript free.

For me. Liza gets to hang with the folks at Random House for a time–and by hang, I mean spend time with editors, copyeditors, designers, production staff, printers, marketing staff, sales staff, between the pages of an ARC, and then, next spring, make her way into the world. She has things to do, in her story and out of it.

But first, I’ll follow her into the dark one more time.

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