“You were holding up the sky / leaning on your leather / and I saw her with you”

Still Internet-vacationing until the end of May, but popping in long enough to let you know I have a guest post up today as part of Megan Crewe’s The Ways We Struggle series, on the challenges of letting things go, the benefits of holding on, and how both these can affect one’s (okay, my) professional life. (There’s also an lj version of the post here.)

Also (as long as I’m here) I’ll be at Phoenix Comicon Memorial Day weekend. Here’s my schedule.

ETA: Also also, the folks at Adventures in YA and Children’s Literature are giving away a copy of Faerie Winter this week.

I’m still checking email, so if you need to reach me, janni(at)simner(dot)com is the place. Otherwise, see you in June!

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