“You were as much in my hands / As water, darkness, or nothing”

There’s a moment like this (at least one moment like this) in every book. Usually about 2/3 of the way through a draft.

Me: Okay, characters, everything’s in place. Time to go save the world! (Or the town, or the people we care about, or something important.)
Characters: Umm, and how do we do that?
Me: You mean you don’t know?
Characters: …
Me: …

So we stare at each other a while. Clear our throats a little, until I settle on working this out the same way I always do–by running around in circles in the fog until the right something comes into view.

Me: But seriously. Are you sure you don’t know?
Characters: Are you sure you don’t know?
Me: It’s your job to know!
Characters: Yeah, then how come it’s your name on the cover of the book?
Me: …
Characters: We thought so.


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