Happy paperback release day, Faerie Winter!

Faerie Winter, book 2 in what is now officially being called the Bones of Faerie trilogy, is out in paperback today!

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Here’s the teaser Random House included in the front matter of the new edition:

I felt my skin and bones burning, melting, shifting. I turned from a cat into a wild dog as the Lady’s magic poured through me, from a dog into an eagle, from an eagle into a slithering snake. I roared and howled, shrieked and hissed, as faster and faster I changed. For an instant I was human once more, kneeling naked in the mud and clinging to the Lady’s hand as an icy wind raked my skin, and then I was changing once more, slowly changing to immoveable stone. The Lady’s gaze met mine, and in her eyes I saw winter unending and the knowledge that spring was nothing more than a story. “All things must end,” she whispered.

You can read the opening chapter of Faerie Winter here.

I hope those of you reading Faerie Winter for the first time enjoy it!

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