A thought while reading today’s social media

I’d love to see a day where no woman on twitter or facebook or livejournal or wordpress or anywhere feels guilty about the very act of eating, where no woman assumes they have to justify every last act of enjoying food that strays beyond rigid bounds with a workout of comparable caloric intensity, where no woman assumes they can’t possibly feel good about themselves unless their body looks a certain way and their scale offers up a certain number. A day where physical activity has nothing to do with numbers of any sort and everything to do with strength and power and the joy of motion. A day where every woman knows that beneath it all, she has the fundamental right to just be, and that her worthiness and wonderfulness and shining gloriousness have nothing to do with the size of her jeans or whether or not she decided to eat a cupcake. And then I’d love to see that day become a week, a month, a year, forever.

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