“Show me the river that leads to my home / back to the one that I love”

So one of the characters in the new book in progress wants to become a lawyer after college, which has led, of course, to the obligatory exchange of lawyer jokes. A couple of those engaging in said jokes are hydrologists, studying rivers, so I went looking, just to see if I could find a good hydrologist joke to toss in.

The Internet did not let me down.

So: What’s the difference between a trucker and a hydrologist?

(highlight to read) One has mud flaps. The other has flood maps.

No need to thank me.

Other research subjects this week include tarantulas and Cheetos. Since I’ve already shared a tarantula video, here’s a Cheetos one. Because the only thing stopping us all from serving broccoli and Cheetos more often is lack of a good recipe, right?

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