“We’re flying, crying, in that crow crazy way / tell me who is more free at the end of the day?”

This was going to be a post about how crows are not ravens and ravens are not crows and we should try not to confuse them with one another.

Except, if Wikipedia is to be trusted (more research clearly called for), it’s only in the U.S. and Canada that the word “crow” refers specifically to the American crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos.

Everywhere else, the word crow apparently refers to all the genus Corvus. Including, you know, Corvus corvax, the common raven, and the also pretty common Corvus cryptoleucus, or Chihuahuan raven, and all the other ravens too, for that matter.

This would all … explain quite a bit, actually.

Though maybe not everything. Because Corvus corvax and Corvus brachyrhynchos can be hard to tell apart in the wild sometimes, especially when one has no sense of relative size. And as for Corvus corvax and Corvus cryptoleucus … definitely still working on that one.

ETA: via quiller77, one rundown on (American) crow and raven differences. (Though our local ravens like our own city quite a bit … but there aren’t crows here, afaik.)

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