“Show me the wind that constantly blows / and I will fly away, fly away home”

There’s an alumna profile of me in this month’s Washington University (aka, my alma mater) magazine! Author Captivates Kids, ­Expands Imagination

“Janni Lee Simner, AB ’89, AB ’89, made a promise to herself when she was 15: She would never forget that she was real. ‘I could tell the adults around me didn’t ­understand that my life was as real as theirs,’ Simner says. ‘I had this sense I was going to forget something as an adult. But at least I was going to remember that my life was real and everything I felt was real …'”

Also, some takes on Bones of Faerie from Teen Ink, Book Grotto, Just A Guy Who Reads Books, and These immortal words. And takes on Faerie Winter from Bibliophile Support Group and River Readers.

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