It’s an (exploratory) draft!

I didn’t so much reach the end of the draft as run out of words. As often happens with exploratory drafts. But then, landing the ending is often one of the very last things I do, so I won’t worry too much about that yet.

The shape of the first 2/3 or maybe even 3/4 feels more or less right. Not sure I know what the book is actually about yet though. (Second or third draft.) Or what words go into it (fourth or fifth draft.)

The next couple weeks are for thinking about that. Also for doing some much needed research.

Also for catching up on email and on all my invisible offline life.

Dear Secondary Character,

You’re supposed to be a raven. Why aren’t you acting like a raven?

You’d almost think you were this Other Thing instead. Which you might be, except … well, if you change your mind, everyone else will want to, too.

Did you ever think about that?


Turns out I was pretty close, with my 75K estimate.

74962 / 74962 words. 100% done!

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