Magick4Terri: Last day

Today is the last day of magick4terri! Which at this point is filled with so very many wondrous and wonderful things that I can only say, go over there and look at them all. Bidding ends at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

Specific things I’m offering up include:

A personalized short story set in the Bones of Faerie universe. (Specifically, the story of how you survive the war with Faerie, based on where you live and the details of your local plant life.)

A ten year run of holiday cards written/designed by me and lnhammer.

A handbound leaf journal. (The first time I’ve offered up a book I’ve bound in public.)

A Hunger Games ARC.

Now to head back over to check on the things I’ve been eyeing there, too, and see if I can still afford any of them …

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