It’s worse when the author _almost_ gets it.

From Robert A. Heinlein’s Farmer in the Sky, Chapter 4:

When I finished the Brat said, “I want to go into the control room, too.”
Dad said he didn’t think it could be arranged. The Brat said, “Why not? Bill went.”

Possible reasonable explanations here might include, “Yes, but Bill got lucky and I doubt that trick would work a second time” or “Yes, but we’re landing soon.” Book’s actual explanation is:

Molly said hush again. “Bill is a boy and older than you are.” The Brat said it wasn’t fair.
I guess she had something there–

Go protagonist! Understanding the unreasonableness of not letting girls do cool stuff just because they’re girls even if your parents don’t!

–but things hardly ever are.

And accepting said unreasonableness by … barely blinking, yeah.

Status quo, carry on.

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