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Cels Jansink at Marianne de Pierres’ Burn Bright blog has been reviewing the Faerie books the past couple of weeks!

Bones of Faerie review: “Bones of Faerie so transfixed me from the very beginning, I was over a 100 pages through before it felt like I even remembered to breathe.”

Faerie Winter review: “Yet again I fell head over heels for Liza and her world and had devoured the book before I knew what hit me. Liza has grown and so has the malice. The ‘Lady’ will gracefully, and with great evil, shatter any misconceptions about Fae/Human relations you may still cling to, and smile all the while.”

I also answer four questions about my writing for her at today’s Big Four Interview.

Here are a couple more reviews of Faerie Winter from Sassisam and Snowdrop Dreams of Books (where I also guest blogged about revisiting Liza’s world.); and a couple takes on Bones of Faerie from Bookadoodle and The Demon Stole My Pencil.

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