“Oh, we’re halfway there / oh-oh living on a prayer”

Well, halfway through the 50K. I judge the exploratory draft as a whole to be somewhere past a third of the way through but not at half yet.

Dear Secondary Character,

That thing you did … wasn’t stupid.

It didn’t work, but it wasn’t stupid.

A most excellent start.


Dear Character I Won’t Name For Fear of What Might Actually Be Spoilers After All,

Wow. You’re really determined about that wolf thing.

And your flexibility about what species or subspecies of wolf you could be is admirable, too.

I’ll … think about it, okay?


Off to TusCon tonight, probably won’t write again until Monday. See some of you there! (Come to my reading Sunday at noon.)

(yesterday and today)

25200 / 50000 words. 50% done!

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