“Long as I remember /the rain been coming down /clouds of mystery pouring /confusion on the ground”

janni: At 15,000 words I’m thinking maybe the plot will show up sometime soon?
lnhammer: Last book you were saying that at 35,000 words.
janni: Oh, right. (pause) More like 40,000, actually.

It’s true, too. The first 40,000 exploratory draft words of Faerie After pretty much became … chapter 1.

@Secondary_Character: Either you are really, really stupid, or you’re really, really smart and encouraging my Protagonist to be really, really stupid. It’s remarkably hard to tell.

@All_Characters: Okay, I know at least one, and probably more, of you are not human. (waits) But you’re not going to tell me which of you it is, are you?

@Plot: Any time now would be fine. Just saying.

17000 / 50000 words. 34% done!

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