As I’ve been talking about bullying this week, I’ve been getting a sense once again–as we all did when contributors for Young Adult Authors Against Bullying and Dear Bully first stepped forward–of just how many people bullying and teasing experiences resonate for. Here and in email, some of you have been telling me pieces of your stories, and I’ve been reading through the other essays in the Dear Bully anthology the past couple weeks, too. One way or another, so many of our lives have been touched by this, which is why I think the anthology happened in the first place.

And today I find myself wanting to say: you’re amazing. Those of you who have shared your stories and those of you who are holding them close. Those who were teased or abused or otherwise treated badly, one times or many times, in school or at home, as kids or teens or adults. Those of you who weren’t teased, but who maybe stood up for someone who needed to be stood up for. Those of you who maybe didn’t always stand up for others, but who are doing so now.

All of you, being present in the world, living your lives. You’re amazing and awesome and the world is so much better for you.

That is all.

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