There are two books I could write next.

One book says, “I’m going to be a lot of work. You don’t even have a plot for me yet. You have to research things you don’t understand. You’ll find the story, because you always do, and it will be worth it, because it always is, but it’s going to take a while, as it always does.”

The other says, “You’re due for a gift book! I can be that book. It’ll be easy. It’ll be fun. Look, there’s already a hint of plot and conflict and tension in my very premise. And all that stuff you don’t understand–don’t worry. You’ll figure it out, as you always do.”

Of course, there’s no way, in these early days, of knowing if either book is telling the truth.

(There’s also a third book. But it’s laying low and seems to want some time before it gets told. Under the circumstances, I’m inclined to listen.)

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