Personalized copies of Faerie Winter!

Want a personalized copy of Faerie Winter, but don’t plan to be in Tucson, Phoenix, or San Diego when I’m signing?

You can order one from Tucson indie bookstore Antigone Books. Just email them at, let them know you’d like a copy (if you’re out of town, be sure to let them know you need the book shipped to you), and they’ll process your order, have me come by to sign the book, and ship it to you!

(Because they’re personalized copies, you will need to email Antigone, rather than going through the website.)

I can also come by and sign Thief Eyes and/or Bones of Faerie.

Faerie Winter and the new Thief Eyes paperback both come out this Tuesday! (But the offer to sign at Antigone stands … pretty much forever.)

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