A familiar cycle

“I just turned in my book. Huh. Doesn’t quite seem real.”
“I just turned in my book! Time to go out and celebrate!”
“Also, now that I’m not writing I can to do All The Things (that are not writing)!”
“Because even though I just turned in a book I’m Not Tired At All!”
“Why have I been staring at the wall for the past 7 hours?”
“Wonder if there are any second-run movies worth seeing. I could get it together enough to leave the house. Probably.”
“Or I could just take a nap. Naps are good, too.”

Adjust as necessary for the finishing of significant drafts along the way. Also applies to any other significant milestones: finishing a book and sending it to critiquers, finishing a book and starting to query, finishing a final round of editorial revisions and letting the book go for the very last time.

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