Various bookish odds and ends, most from before I left town:

I’m the local guest author at Phoenix’s CopperCon labor day weekend. Come join me! It’ll be fun, and there’ll be plenty of chances to ask me about … well, pretty much anything. 🙂

gwendabond reviewed Faerie Winter in the August Locus: “… once again, Simner is able to bring nuance and complexity that elevates her story above the usual. Her faeries can also be good, or at least reformed. She isn’t afraid to paint the race with as much complexity as she does humans. Which isn’t to say that she shies away from making them as terrifying as the murderous woods their magic created ; she doesn’t … A story richer than its slender volume would indicate, Simner’s reimagining of the aftermath of a fantasy war continues to enchant as effectively as any glamour.”

More reviews of Faerie Winter from Bookalicious (for the San Francisco Book Review), ReadPlus, and Sonythebooklover.

Reviews of Bones of Faerie from Mrs. Librarian Lady, Sassi Sam, Sonythebooklover, and the NSW Association for Gifted and Talented Children.

Someone has also started a Wikipedia page for Bones of Faerie. (I’d say this meant I was a real writer, but really, that happened when the TV Tropes page showed up. :-))

I just found out Thief Eyes received a nice review from matociquala in Realms of Fantasy last fall. It was also more recently reviewed by The Book Smugglers.

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